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Bethany Ashram (the Order of the Imitation of Christ (O.I.C.) was founded by Fr.P.T. Geevarghese Panickaruveettiil O.I.C. (who later became Archbishop Mar Ivanios O.I.C) on Aug.15, 1919 at a place called Perunad, Ranni. Bethany Ashram was the first monastic community in the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church at that time with a unique vision and life-style. The founder Mar Ivanios O.I.C aimed at bringing together the monastic ideals of the Christian East and Indian Sannyasam in a particular life-style which is actualised in a life of intense prayers and apostolic activities. The name Bethany Ashram itself points to this fact. Simple and austere life, atmosphere of intense prayer and solitude, saffron (Kavi) habit, vegetarian food, life in common etc, were some of the basic features of this life style.

Soon after its foundation, Bethany Ashram became the pilgrim centre of the Malankara Church giving solace to the spiritually starved people. In 1930 most of its members joined their founder on his way to Catholic Church and Bethany Ashram remained the cradle of the historic Reunion Movement. This event ushered in a new era in the life and growth of Bethany Ashram. The members were initially confined to the activities directly related to Reunion Movement. But later, along with that, began to undertake a wide range of apostolic activities with an “All India Missionary Vision’

In 1966 the Congregation was raised to Pontifical Status. On 24th April 2000 tow provinces were erected in the Congregation – Bethany Navajeevan Province and Bethany Navajyothy Province. Bethany Ashram Pune is the Major Seminary of the Congregation. Bethany Vedavijnan Peeth in Bethany Ashram Pune is an Institute of Oriental Studies that caters to the theological formation of our Seminarians.

Apostolic Activities
The following are the apostolic activities of the Bethany Congregation
01 Preaching the Gospel, conducting retreats, teaching Catechism and giving spiritual instructions for the renewal of the Church.
02 Ecumenical activities and inter-religious dialogue.
03 Mission and parish activities taken up according to the needs of the Malankara Church.
04 Missionary activities aimed at the evangelization of India.
05 Apostolic activities undertaken according to the need of the Universal Church.
06 Social apostolate.
07 Apostolate through communication media.
08 Educational activities.


Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanion Panickaruveetil OIC (Fr. P.T. Geevarghese)
Foundation                  : 15 August 1919
Reunion                       : 20 September 1930
Pontifical Status          : 14 April 1966
Generalate House        : Kottayam
Address                       : Bethany Ashram Generalate
Post Bag No. 6 ;

Kottayam – 686 010

Superior Generol Fr. Geevarghese Kuttiyil OIC 9446276372
Councillor 1   8281243224
Councillor 2 Fr. Varghese Vijayanand Tharakanveettil OIC 6238507531
Councillor 3 Fr. Varghese Tharamuttom OIC 9605511108
Councillor 4 Bro. George Gracious Karimpanamannil OIC 8075994902
Procurator General Fr. John Thundiyath OIC 9778474771
Secretary Fr. Jobin Juriakose Kochukaleeckal OIC 6238876844


Ashrams Under Generalate 
1. Generalate Address Bethany Ashram Generalate
P. B. No. 06; Vadavathoor P.O.,
Kottayam-686 010, Kerala, INDIA
Tel: 0481-2578494
  1 Rev. Fr. Mathai Kadavil OIC 9446276372
  2 Bro. George Gracious Karimpanamannil OIC 8075994902
  3 Fr. Geevarghese Kuttiyil OIC 8281243224
  4 Fr. John Thundiyath OIC 9778474771
  5 Fr.  Jobin Kuriakose Kochukaleeckal OIC 6238876844
2.  Aluva Address Bethany Ashram Novitiate (Thapovanam)
Asokapuram P.O., Aluva, 683 101.
  1 Fr. John Nirmalanand Kuzhickal OIC 8921062047
  2 Fr. John Bosco Kuttiyil OIC 9747016593
  3 Fr. Varghese Tharamuttom OIC 9605511108
  4 Fr. Geo Paul Vayalirakkathu OIC 9061493038
3. Punnamoodu Address Jeevaram Bethany Ashram
Mar Ivanios Bethany Animation Centre
Punnamoodu P.O., Mavelikkara, Alappuzha Dist. 690 101
  1 Fr. Thomas Prasobh Kolliyelil OIC 9400056499
  2 Fr. Abraham Chirathalackal OIC 9495836753
4. Perunad Address Deepagiri Bethany Ashram,
Bethany Mala, Perunad, Pathanamthitta - 689 711
  1 Fr. Jose Mariadas Padipurackal OIC 9495632144
  2 Fr. Antony Kallil OIC  
5. Ramwadi Address Bethany Ashram,
Ramwadi, Pune 14.
  Members  Fr. Thomas Reji Padinjattemelethil OIC 9446751402
  1 Fr. Titus John Cheravallil OIC 9037578758
  2 Fr. Joseph Cyprian Mannadiveettil OIC  
  3 Fr. Alen Thomas Kavalackal OIC 7306178231
6. Ethipoia Address Bethany Gedam Goro
Post Box No. 115, Wolisso, West Shoa
Oromia Region, Ethiopia, EAST AFRICA
  1 Fr. Mathews C. Augustine Kavungal OIC 51961128683
  2 Fr. Varghese Vijayanand Tharakanveettil OIC 6238507531
  3 Fr. Samuel Panachavila OIC 8137098061
  4 Fr. Boniface Mathew Madathiparambil OIC 6235259746
7. Nekemte Wollega Address Bethany Gedam, C/O Abune Varghese Thottamkara CM
Bishop Catholic Vicariate of Nekemte, P.O. Box 412, Nekemte
Wollega, Oromio Regional State, Ethiopia, EAST AFRICA
  1 Fr. Joseph Ancheril OIC 934419261
  2 Fr. John Vinod Kovilvilla OIC 8289864528