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Synodal Commission for Migrants

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Synodal Commission for Migrants

The Synodal Commission for the Pastoral Care of the Faithful outside India engages in promoting the ecclesial life of the Syro- Malankara Catholic faithful who live outside the canonical territorial boundaries of the Church outside India.

The commission promotes the catechetical formation of the children, the faith formation of the youth, and the ongoing ecclesial life of the elders of the Church and also coordinates the pastoral activities of the personal parishes and communities outside India.

It supports the hierarchy of the Malankara Catholic Church to fulfill its obligations towards the faithful of this Church, that is, the children, youth, and elders, dispersed anywhere in the world (that is, outside the canonical territory of the SMCC)

By organizing conventions and international seminars, it promotes communion and augments ecclesial life, and promotes the ecclesial life of the entire SMCC.